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of legislation under the guys of rescuing trafficked victims.. >> american civil liberties is against prop 35 because it requires all sex offenders to register their online screen names with law enforcement. aclu insists that infringes on the rights to free speech. others say it doesn't do enough to help victims. >> we think that traffic victims should not have to be arrest forward prosecution first. >> leah one of the victims but she's supporting prop pa and is reconciled with her mother who just pose forward this photo. >> she was so proud. i saw the look on her face z it's been a long time coming. >> leah rescue bid church outreach workers and has now founded her own organization to rescue trafficking victims. we have links to that group on abc 7 >> just ahead helping victims of super storm sandy. >> how donated blood here can help back there. stay with us >>> sandy continues to pummel the northeast, red cross stepped in to help. >> volunteers are already on the ground back east but red krogs also needs your help. >> as a giant wave crash add shore in delaware red cross volunteer
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1